About Us

At Monitize Health, we understand the importance of providing individuals with special needs access to innovative and affordable assistive devices that promote independence and inclusion. Through extensive research and development, we have identified the shortcomings of existing wheelchairs and have designed our products to address these issues and improve the quality of life for our users. Monitize Health conducted extensive research for 12 months to understand the rationale and intricacies of assistive devices available for use. Through this research, it was discovered that the current wheelchair offerings in the market do not cater to providing independence to wheelchair users.
In regions of North America where snowy weather and fluctuating temperatures ranging from -20 to +30 degrees Celsius are common, there is an immediate need for a wheelchair that allows for an easy transition between manual pushing and automatic driving modes. This type of wheelchair would provide individuals with greater freedom and mobility while also ensuring basic safety features such as anti-tip and speed control. Our flagship products, the NeoFly Sublevo and Neo Bolt Motus are designed to provide users with an unprecedented level of freedom and mobility. The NeoFly Sublevo is customizable to the unique needs and preferences of each user, promoting proper posture and reducing the risk of health issues associated with prolonged sitting. Meanwhile, the NeoBolt Motus offers a simplified method of switching from manual pushing to automatic driving, providing a safe and efficient way to navigate various terrains and weather conditions.
At Monitize Health, we firmly believe that the products we offer should be accessible to individuals from all economic walks of life thus was conceived NeoMotion BaarnaBus. At BaarnaBus, we are committed to promoting workforce empowerment by employing individuals with special needs in the manufacturing and assembly of our products. We believe that everyone deserves the right to independence and mobility, regardless of their economic background or physical abilities.



Impacting the lives of individuals by facilitating medical innovations for assistive and operative devices, thereby improving the quality of lives


Our mission at Monitize Health is to create innovative assistive devices that improve the lives of individuals with special needs. With the NeoFly Sublevo and NeoBolt Motus, we hope to empower our users to explore the world around them and regain the mobility and independence they deserve.

Live life to the fullest

At Baarnabus, we believe that everyone deserves to live their life to the fullest, regardless of their physical challenges. That's why we offer a range of electric wheelchairs that are not only functional but also stylish and comfortable. Our electric wheelchairs are equipped with the latest technology and features that make them easy to use and maneuver.

Our electric wheelchairs are designed to provide maximum comfort and convenience to the user. They come with adjustable seating options, comfortable armrests, and footrests, and are easy to operate with intuitive.

Our Products

NeoFly Sublevo

Product Highlight

NeoFly Sublevo is customised to your needs to make life simpler and efficient. NeoFly Sublevo has 18 user based customizations that makes this possible. Customizations include your lifestyle, pre-existing conditions or needs and your posture etc. These customizations are designed to help users lead a comfortable life.
Most users spend a large portion of their day sitting. And this could lead to various health issues if the Posture is not right. NeoFly Sublevo understands this and the customizations help the user maintain the correct posture while at the same time making them comfortable. The cushion enhances it with pressure relief & skin health, overall leading to better health.
NeoFly Sublevo occupies 30% less space than any other Wheelchair. This makes it Compact without compromising its sturdiness. NeoFly Sublevo can go to every nook & corner as well go on any terrain inside & outside your home.


NeoBolt Motus

Product Highlight

NeoBolt Motus is the ultimate innovation that helps Wheelchair Users move around independently, not within the house, but to Work, to Shop, to go anywhere. All the user needs to do is, to Strap on a front scooter. The user can do this independently without anyone's help.
Move around the city independently. With NeoBolt there is no restriction to going anywhere. You can go anywhere you want independently. Be it to school or college, work or to the market, hanging out with friends or visiting family, you can strap on NeoBolt in a jiffy like starting a Motorbike / Scooter yourself. And in an instant you are ready to go out without any help from anyone.
NeoBolt is designed with a sideways anti-tipper and speed regulator so you can drive without any fear and at the pace you like. Apart from enjoying all the frills of a mobike from a digital dashboard, drum brakes to side lights for higher visibility on road. Importantly comes with an anti-theft buzzer, so you stay safe always. NeoBolt is powered by a Lithium Ion Battery that will give you 30 Kms for every charge and recharges fully in just 4 hours. This also makes NeoBolt Motus an affordable transportation mode.


Brand Ambassador

Jesse Heubner
Canadian Wheelchair Basketball Player

In 2011, I had a bad fall that left me with a T-6 complete spinal cord injury. I was an active 17-year-old at the time. The hobbies I enjoyed were soccer, football, basketball, mountain biking, skateboarding, snowboarding—basically anything that got me outside and moving. One of the things I disliked most was sitting still. As you can imagine, or maybe you’ve Going through it yourself, talking to doctors, and learning I was never going to run again was quite shocking. For the first year or two, being chairbound left me heavily distressed. I remember watching sports on television and mourning the loss of my active lifestyle. It felt like a part of I had been ripped away, and at the time, I felt it was hopeless to attempt to get it back.

One day, a good friend I had met during my rehab process reached out to me with an invitation to his wheelchair basketball practice. At first, I was hesitant. In my mind, I thought that surely, no adaptive sport could compare to any of my pre-injury activities. After attending that one practice, I realized that my negative thoughts had been wrong. I gained a newfound respect for adaptive sports and regained a piece of me. I thought I had lost it forever. A year after, that first practice, I made the decision to move to Toronto and start my journey training full-time to one day be a part of our men’s Senior National Wheelchair Basketball team. In 2022, my dreams became a reality as I made the team and travelled to Brazil for the America’s Cup, where our team won the bronze medal. In 2022, I also married my beautiful wife, so it was an unforgettable year. Although basketball became my focus, I’ve learned that there are plenty of other worthwhile ways to get outdoors and enjoy recreational activities. I’ve already found joy in long-distance wheeling, rowing, arm biking, and motorsports. Hopefully, sometime in the future, I will get the chance to master the sitting skill.

I am currently studying psychology at Wilfrid Laurier University, and I hope to achieve a Master’s degree in social work I aspire to work in social services and participate in a society accessible to all. By connecting with like-minded individuals, sharing strength and positivity within our communities, and integrating all minorities into our general culture, I believe that great social change can be made.